Flash decoder/encoder

in Flash ,Block Erase operations are costly both in execution time
as well as in the chips durability (~10,000 erase cycles and chip will malfunction).
using Write Only Memory Coding we can reduce the need for Erase operations , extending the chips durability by sacrificing space.

according to the defined parameters the

encoder will need to take a page of data , and  encode each Kbit word in to an Nbit code word  and send it to the flash write page operation.

the K and N bit selection will reflect on the ratio of  data pages/code pages

the decoder will retrieve the original data written by the user and send the result to the read page function

the project will be held in 2 stages

the first will be implementing the encoder and decoder in C.

the 2nd will Port the C code to vivdo HLS , allowing for a hardware encoder/decoder to be implemented automatically.

and hopefully integrated in the future to a full controller implementation (on FPGA).