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The Israeli Short Range Communication Consortium (ISRC) has been working for the last three years within the framework of the MAGNET Consortia Program of the Chief Scientist in the Israeli Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, which integrates joint initiatives between industry, including systems companies, infrastructure companies, start-up companies and academia. Members of the ISRC are the Technion, Tel Aviv University, Elbit, Tadiran Spectralink, Metalink, Wavion, Telematics Wireless, Tower Semiconductor, Pulsicom, Ceva, Hebrew University, Bar Ilan University and Ariel Academic College. So far, the Consortium have built various building blocks, which enable advanced capabilities within the field of high bandwidth, short range systems. The technology which is being developed within the framework of the Consortium, is intended to support a broad range of applications that operate within the consumer electronics and personal computer areas indoors as well as outdoors. The technology supports both data packet as well as streaming networks. For more information, please visit


Ceva is the world’s leading licensor of DSP cores and applications, focusing on very high performance, low power consumption cores and subsystems, with a complete development environment.  Its ISRC product is a DSP platform for WLAN and UWB.

Elbit Systems Ltd.
Elbit Systems (1960) develops, manufactures and integrates high-performance defense systems, including Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence (C4I) systems and ISR systems for defense and homeland security applications.

Metalink Ltd.
Metalink Ltd. (NASDAQ: MTLK) is a leading provider of high performance wireless and wireline broadband communication silicon solutions. Metalink’s WLAN and DSL technologies are designed to enable true broadband connectivity in every home, and its products revolutionize the broadband experience by facilitating the convergence of telecommunication, networking and entertainment.  Metalink’s WLANPlus™ is a high-throughput, 802.11n-draft-compliant wireless LAN technology optimized for the networked home entertainment environment.  Featuring advanced MIMO technology and full support of QoS, and operating in both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, WLANPlus enables multi-room networking of multiple high-definition video streams. In addition, Metalink offers a broad range of symmetric DSL and VDSL products used by operators as a cost-effective network upgrade to support triple-play services.

Pulsicom Ltd.
Pulsicom is a system oriented antenna solution provider. It has developed a clear understanding of desired antenna system characteristics and adaptivity for short-range indoor wireless communication environment. Based on this, it develops core building blocks for such antenna systems with the related electronics.

Tadiran Spectralink Ltd.
Highly specialized producer of advanced wireless communications systems for a wide variety of systems operating at: FDMA, TDMA and CDMA. Major capabilities include: data link design, software development, integration, testing, manufacturing, technical and logistic support.
Tadiran Spectralink’s specialization and experience in the design and realization of high rate modems create high advantage in the growing UWB market.

Telematics Wireless Ltd.
Telematics Wireless is a world leader of cutting- edge M2M wireless networks for RF location systems, asset monitoring, wireless sensors and actuators, RFID and electronic seals.
Millions of Telematics low- power and reliable wireless network terminals have been installed globally, to support such services such as the location of people and assets, Automatic Meter Reading, Electronic Toll Collection and asset management for logistics systems.

Tower Semiconductor
Tower Semiconductor is a pure- play independent specialty foundry. The company manufactures mixed- signal and RF- CMOS integrated circuits in geometries down to 0.13- microns. It also provides complementary technical services and design support  . tower’s  involvement in ISRC encompass design and manufacturing of MIMO RFIC transceiver through enhancements of its RF PDK design tools in 0.18- micron and at a later stage 0.13- micron.

Wavion Ltd.
Wavion is developing a smart antenna based access point for wireless LAN.  Its low-cost core technology is based on advanced DSP in the baseband, featuring extended range, better coverage, higher link capacity, immunity to multi-path and very high spectral efficiency.

Research Institutes
Twelve academic research institutes participate in the ISRC consortium, in several research institutes –

Research Institutes
Twelve academic research institutes participate in ISRC consortium, in several research institutes –

Bar-Ilan Research & Development Co. Ltd
Bar-Ilan Research & Development Co. Ltd. serves as the extended arm of Bar-Ilan  University for technology transfer. Functioning as a commercial entity, the Company  can most efficiently interface between scientific and technological development at the University and the world of business and industry. Bar-Ilan Research & Development Co. Ltd. realizes its technology transfer objectives by:

  •  identifying and assessing research projects with commercial potential;
  • encouraging researchers to promote and expand research towards applied
    industrial projects;
  • patenting inventions and protecting various aspects of the intellectual
    property of the University and its scientists;
  • attracting funding for projects in their various stages of development
    in exchange for the rights to commercially exploit their results by licensing
    out inventions and technologies to industry and/or initiating and engaging in
    the establishment of start-up companies.

Ramot (Tel Aviv University)
Ramot at Tel Aviv University Ltd. ( is the technology transfer company of Tel Aviv University ( Ramot fosters, initiates, leads and manages the transfer of new technologies from university laboratories to the marketplace by performing all activities relating to the protection and commercialization of inventions and discoveries made by faculty, students and other researchers. Ramot provides a dynamic interface connecting industry to leading-edge science and innovation, offering new business opportunities in a broad range of emerging markets.

Technion R&D Foundation Ltd.
The Technion Research & Development Foundation Ltd. (TRDF), established in 1952, set among its main goals the promotion of research at the Technion, Technology transfer, Industrial testing and services, and the commercialization of inventions and ideas.
Through the years the TRDF has taken upon itself a pioneering role in the development stages of the state of Israel.
Nowadays, when there is a growing need for multidirectional transfer of knowledge and technologies, from universities and research centers to the industry, where it is developed, improved and put to use, and vise-a-verse, the TRDF aims to serve as a constant facilitator for this technology transfer process between the academia and society as a whole.

The Hebrew University

Ariel University Center of Samaria The Authority for Research & Development
The objective of the Authority for Research & Development is to encourage the research activity carried out in the University Center and to support the faculty members involved in research.
The Authority is an administrative body coordinating all logistic, organizational, and financial aspects of the research activity of the faculty members, and managing research budgets.